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Research tells us that as much as 90% of wealth is lost by the 3rd generation. Beacon CPA stands with you so you can preserve your family’s wealth, and defy this alarming outcome.

We’ll help you clarify your family’s goals, then help you structure your family trust to align to your family’s interests and long-term goals to protect the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build. With Beacon’s Confidence Plan, you’ll move from a lack of clarity to confidence.

With extensive experience managing international and U.S. trusts, we give you assurance with 100% compliance with all tax laws. 

We'll listen to your goals and find out what's working and what's broken in your taxation and accounting.

We review & do a deep dive to really understand your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Together we plan a course of action, assuring your plan aligns with your goals.

We build your solution according to the details of your custom plan.

We monitor for unanticipated, but inevitable, bumps in the road.

We will make continuous improvements to keep the plan aligned with your goals.

Tax Planning Solutions
for Your Family Trust

Tax laws and regulations require extremely specialized knowledge to make strategic decisions.

We take a proactive approach to help you protect assets and investments. And just as important, we offer extremely responsive client care and a personal touch.

Beacon provides clear answers and helps you make strategic decisions so your family’s wealth is protected from paying unnecessary taxes. 

Be confident your wealth is protected.

Efficient tax planning for your family trusts.

“I have relied on Beacon to make sure that our tax and accounting matters are up to date and handled in the best manner possible. I would unhesitatingly recommend them to those needing assistance and advice about tax and financial planning matters.”

Lawrence T.

Solutions for Estate Planning
& Family Trusts

Estate Planning

Clarifying your goals for passing wealth onto to the next generations is the first major step you need to take. Developing an estate plan and executing upon is the second.

Tax Filings

We prepare estate and fiduciary tax returns in 50 states.  For complex trusts, we also prepare tax returns of any investment or business entities owned by your trust. 

Trust  Structuring

Trusts can be designed as separate taxpayers, transparent entities, or a combination of both. The selection the best options is a key factor in realizing your financial goals. 

Distribution Planning

Many trusts are taxpayers and require specialized planning for tax optimization so that you will avoid their steep tax brackets.

U.S. International Tax

If your trust owns foreign financial assets, foreign businesses or foreign investment vehicles there is special reporting that we will prepare.

Charitable Trusts

Charitable lead and remainder trusts have a combination of tax and non-tax advantages They can allow you retain use or ownership of your money while benefiting others. 

Tax Controversy Resolution

For domestic and U.S. international tax problems, we will analyze the issues, give our opinion, and represent you before the IRS.

Foreign Trusts

U.S. beneficiaries of foreign trusts must comply with a set of tax reporting requirements that have onerous penalties for non-compliance.  We’ll make you are 100% compliant.

Trust Accounting

Our team is skilled in preparing your trust’s internal accounting according to the fiduciary accounting rules.

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