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What, Where & When do I have to file?

We prepare business tax returns in all 50 states. However, that's not all we do. We can also help you to ensure that you have your tax filings done on time to ensure that there are no late fees or penalties.

We also have the expertise to let you know if you need to file in more than one jurisdiction, meaning that you'll never worry about receiving a huge tax bill that you weren't expecting and which actually costs more in fees than the original bill itself.

At Beacon CPA, we pride ourselves on being thorough and doing the boring work of making sure that all the i's are dotted and all the t's crossed so that your business is fully compliant with the tax code.

We also pledge that we'll always explain exactly what we're doing and offer you advice on how to save more money, generally keeping you away from tax controversy and difficult audits wherever possible. And when you do need to deal with an audit, we'll be there to help you understand what the IRS is asking for and help you get things taken care of as quickly as possible so that you can get back to running your business.

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