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Audit Representation

Audits don't have to be scary when you work with us. We can help you understand what the government has asked to see and get the IRS off your back as quickly as possible. There are three basic types of audits and we can advise you on all three:

  • Correspondence Audits -You receive a request for information from the IRS which must be mailed back with the requested documentation
  • Office Audits - You would need to go for a meeting with an IRS agent at their offices and bring along documentation
  • Field Audits - An interview is conducted by an IRS field agent in your home or place of business and they may also obtain a warrant to search your premises and seize documents if they feel you are hiding something.

It's important to understand that the tax laws differ depending on the particular circumstances of the audit.

In general the IRS has three years to serve an audit notice on a taxpayer. However, this can be extended to six years if there is evidence of significant underpayment of taxes and the IRS can go back to any point in time if there is suspicion that you have committed an act of tax fraud.

Fees and penalties can be charged as well, even if the mistake was accidental and not deliberate. Thus it's important to have an experienced CPA at your side throughout an audit so that you can get questions answered in a timely manner and minimize the chances of being hit with a large bill for back taxes and penalties.

We can help you with this and often help you get the penalties waived, by working as an intermediary between you and the IRS so that you can take advantage of laws designed to protect tax payers from undue burdens. Call us today to find out what we can do to make your audit a little less difficult.

Let's discuss ways to protect your business.

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