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Solutions for International Clients

Tax Planning / Treaty Analysis

International tax planning is complex.  If you're forming a U.S. subsidiary, investing in U.S. businesses or real property, or personally coming here for an extended period of time, you need professional guidance-preferably in advance.  The tax code governs many federal issue, but is often overriden by tax treaties.  And then you need to be concerned with the differences in state and local taxation, wihch are often at odds with the federal rules.

During the course of your U.S. venture, you'll need guidance on many issues to both minimize your ongoing U.S. tax bills, and to repatriate profits in a tax-efficient manner.

Our tax professionals can help educate you and keep you on track so that you don't have a massive tax bill or even worse, a massive number of penalties along the way.

Let's discuss ways to grow your bottom line.


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