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Solutions for International Clients

Sales and Use Taxes

Unlike the VAT system which is employed in most European countries, we have a sales tax system which is added after the fact to the cost of various products and certain services which people purchase. Each state has different rules about their taxes, meaning that you need to understand which states require which taxes when you do business in America. To make matters even more complicated, you may or may not have to collect these taxes from your customers, depending on the specific circumstances of your business and where you have a physical presence in this country. We can sort it all out for you and streamline the whole process, making it simple to sell in the American market. Use taxes are generally required to be paid by the consumer if sales taxes were not collected at the point of sale. As a general rule, business owners don't need to be concerned with use taxes though (unless you import products from another state or abroad for use in your American operation).

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