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What form of business is best for me? How long will it take?

This is a question many small business owners and would be entrepreneurs struggle with - they don't know what kind of business arrangement to create and so they often create something which doesn't really suit their needs.

Our team of tax professionals can form corporations, partnerships & LLCs in all 50 states - generally within 48 hours. We can also obtain a "DBA" (doing business as) certificate for your sole proprietorship or existing business within the same time frame.

However, we can also do much more than just setting up the legal paperwork for your new business. We can also advise you on which kind of business is likely to save you the most money possible in terms of taxes and accounting expenses.

Take the entrepreneur for example: we can help you determine what business form will be the most flexible and tax efficient, form and register your entity for you, set up your accounting books, figure out realistic ways to pay owners and employees, and file all the required tax forms.

Let's discuss ways to grow your bottom line.


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