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Financial Statements

Financial statements are important for a variety of different purposes. You may need them in order to get new investors or venture capitalists to invest in your business idea. You may also need them in order to apply for a loan from a bank or credit union for a business.

While preparing financial statements is generally the responsibility of the owner of the company, you may well need help with doing so. We can help with this, making your financial statements easy to understand, both for you are your investors or lenders.

There are two kinds of financial statements which are generally required:

Balance Sheet
This is a snapshot of your business assets, liabilities and equity at a given time. It shows the how much cash is on hand, what your customers owe you, what your debts are and how much value the owners have in the business.

Profit and Loss Statement
A profit and loss statement or P&L as it is commonly known, shows how a business has performed over a period of time, thus allowing people to see sales and expenses, how much money was earned or lost by a company, and to identify trends.

There are times when you will be required to have a certified public accountant check your financial statements and ensure that they are accurate. This is generally done when an outside entity asks to review the statements and we can help you to ensure that the paperwork is done correctly so that you don't have to worry about it.

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