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Solutions for International Clients

Case Studies

Exposure Promotions, Ltd

Exposure Promotions, Ltd, a London based creative agency, provides event-based marketing, advertising and branding for blue chip clients such as Coca Cola, Nike and Major League Baseball (MLB). Entering the U.S. market in 2005 with two small offices - one in New York and the other in California, they called us for help. Their accountants and attorneys were being unresponsive, no one could explain to them why they had been set up as two separate U.S. legal entities, and the tax notices were piling up.

Our first step was to review their organizational documents and tax notices. We sorted through everything and provided their London-based finance team with an assessment of what needed to be done, along with our timeframe. Within eight weeks we were able to resolve all the tax controversy, get them caught up with tax filings that were late, and even managed to abate some significant penalties. With their consent, we then changed their mailing address for tax matters to our office, so that any future notices would not slip through the cracks. Since their finance people are in London, it was only natural for them to keep the primary books and records in London.

Now our firm serves as their U.S. tax department, keeping them on track with their myriad filings, and advises them on tax saving strategies and the tax implications of doing special projects for their clients. As an example, in 2009 several of their projects for Microsoft took them into 15 different states. To complicate matters, they were providing a mix of products and services, which each state looks at differently for the purposes of sales tax collection, and to make matters worse, they were operating under a tight time constraint. Quickly but thoroughly, we developed a matrix for them to determine what was and was not subject to sales tax in each state, registered them to do business where it was necessary, gave some pragmatic advice in the inevitable grey areas, and filed all the necessary returns for them. They continue to challenge us with their ever expanding creative energy and high aspirations.

Expand Research, Ltd

Expand Research, Ltd delivers a unique suite of consulting services to some of the world’s leading financial institutions. They help them validate their trading, operations and technology strategies, support investment decisions, benchmark costs and measure return on investment. Originally formed in London as a four-man partnership, they founded a New York office in 2006 and opened a Singapore office shortly thereafter. The firm was growing quickly and needed a responsive, experienced New York accounting firm to support that expansion.

Enter Beacon CPA. From advising them on the best tax structure to forming their New York subsidiary, we have been with them the whole way. We consulted with their finance department on all U.S. accounting and tax needs, rendered timely tax advice to minimize their overall tax burden, and filed all their U.S. returns. In 2010 we worked closely with their U.K. accounting firm on the U.S. tax implications of a reorganization of their Parent company, which involved some intensive tax treaty research, and supported them through the due diligence process when they were acquired by the Boston Consulting Group in 2011. We continue to represent them in the U.S., keeping them on track and up to date with current tax insight and timely filings.


Headquartered in Istanbul, Sisecam Group / Pasabache is one of the world’s largest glass producers. In 2003 they formed a U.S. subsidiary in New York to facilitate sales and marketing of tabletop glassware. Our firm was engaged at the beginning to represent the interests of management in Turkey. We maintained the records of the U.S. subsidiary, produced monthly management reports, advised on U.S. taxes, and prepared all the U.S. tax returns. Communication in plain English was particularly essential for this client, in order to convey financial information and tax concepts to a staff that does not speak English as a first language. While this was a challenge initially, we learned to communicate with the company’s directors in a way that always gets the message across. Our office serves as their mailing address in the U.S. for tax matters. That enables us to easily monitor all tax issues and make sure that management in Istanbul receives response-sensitive paperwork timely. We have gone far beyond simply representing their sales subsidiary. We have filled the role of advisors and accountants to them on various other U.S. based activities, which often have required tax treaty analysis and structuring. Through strong relations with the U.S. based staff and the directors in Turkey, we have had the opportunity to keep Pasabache USA on track for ten years.

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